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Bio 2018.

Miss Winter is a concept of dreams and visions – about Making stories!

Everybody knows that Sweden is a nation of wonderful music exports but how about the Country music scene? Meet “Miss Winter”, who combine their common Swedish music heritage with a vivid passion for country music and vocal harmonies.

In march 2017, Miss Winter played the festival “Country to Country” at the O2-arena in London. -”Country to Country, was amazing, what a wonderful atmosphere and what a lovely feeling to finally meet our fans and audience outside of Sweden”, says Jenny.

2017 started with Miss Winter receiving an award in the “World Wide Music Contest” a competition for independent artists, where they won the category “Best song” “Keys in your pocket”, from their debut EP ”Making Stories”, released in October 2016. The album is a sweet mix of pop and country with a tasty Scandinavian touch.

Anna, Linda and Jenny have been working as musicians and singers separately for more than two decades, but two years ago they finally found each other and started creating their own brand of Country music!

The first song Miss Winter released was ”The Road”. A straightforward country song which quickly found its way to national public radio. -”The response was amazing. It felt like we quickly got a receipt of the fact that this was something that the audience wanted to hear more of, which of course gave us an incredible energy boost”, Jenny says.

Last year they combined hard work in the studio with playing and traveling around Sweden. The response was overwhelming!

-”Making stories of common people, struggling with everyday life situations is a deep well of inspiration that we love to dig from. It’s important to us that the lyrics have a true meaning and tell something interesting and maybe a little bit exciting to the audience”, Linda says.

-”In the writing process all three of us are involved, and the joy in the outcome of what one songwriting session can bring, is so amazing”, Jenny says.

The group is currently working on new songs in the studio and filling up their calendar with tour dates….keep your eyes open…

Pictures, logos & more for download.

photo by: Henke Elsberg

photo by: Henke Elsberg

photo by: Henke Elsberg

photo by: Henke Elsberg

photo by: Henke Elsberg

photo by: Veronica Johansson





Jenny Hillman
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Anna Edman
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Linda Pröjtz Ålund
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