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“Our stories are important. They should be honest, straight forward and with very little rendition. It’s important to us that the lyrics has a true meaning and that they tell something interesting and maybe a little bit exiting to the audience.”

Thank you for supporting us and our music. It truly means a lot to us! ~Miss Winter


  • Devil’s Heart
  • Right Now
  • The Road
  • Keys in your pocket
  • Mayfair Mistress
  • Lou Reed Song
  • Walking like a soldier
  • Give it all


About the Swedish kronor

You may be thinking “how much is 100 kr really?” and to give you a hint, as you’ll see when you go through the checkout, it’s about 12 USD. That means that you’ll get an autographed copy of our new EP, Making Stories, with shipping and handling for less than a ticket to the movies!

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